Get involved Developer guide

How you can help

M2Doc is an open source project and everyone is encouraged to get involved! There are lots of ways you can contribute:

Make suggestions

If you are using M2Doc and you have ideas for improvements, share them. We’d love to hear from you. We’re constantly looking for feedback, if you think something is missing, some behavior is weird or even just to tell us you are happy with it in its current state, please come and exchange.

Report issues

We hope you don’t run into any obstacles, but if you do, we want to hear from you. Bug reports are really important, so please report any issues you have. When you report bugs, make sure you include lots of detail, reproducible tests, example code or anything else you think might help!

The bug tracker is available on github : We are using the github integrated issue tracker.

To enter a new issue you just need to create a github account.

To search for issues, have a look to the github help page to learn the searching issue syntax.

Ask questions

If you get stuck trying to do something, our developers monitor and participate in #m2doc questions on Stack Overflow. For more general questions about M2Doc we’ve created an FAQ, which will grow over time. If you have any question, do not hesitate ask a question on Stack Overflow. When you ask a question do not forget to add the tag m2doc.


Thank you for your interest in M2Doc! We welcome and encourage all kinds of contributions to the project, not only code. This includes bug reports, user experience feedback, assistance in reproducing issues and more. Contributions to the website or the documentation are all also welcome.

Get the source code

M2Doc is under an Open Source license (EPL) and the source code is hosted on github.

To get the code just clone the repository :

Contribute to the code

M2Doc’s code is hosted on Github. It’s easy to get the code and build M2Doc from source. Just clone our repository, make your changes, adapt it to your need and trigger a pull request.

Contribute to the documentation

Found an error in this web-site or in the documentation? Please help us and contribute. M2Doc’s documentation is hosted on Github: Just clone our repository, update the documentation and trigger a pull request. The documentation is written with the markdown syntax, so it is really easy to contribute.